West L.A. Getaway
Winter 2011
Instructors: Mack, Meyers, Refuerzo
This project aims to provide a house appropriate to raising a family, but also capable of hosting large social events. This programmatic criteria demands the house perform in both private and public capacities, and the interface of these public and private space serves as a driving motive for the project. This is supported by means of an extensive courtyard and the removal of nearly all program from the ground plane. Virtually every programmatic element shares a frontier with the public courtyard space. The scheme involves a set of three primary volumes each containing a bar of program. These bars have been elevated one story above the ground plane and shaped to promote light and air. These forms have been placed in such a way as to achieve two distinct outcomes: first, to emphasize the interface with the courtyard and, second, to secure some portion as being entirely dedicated to private space.