Malibu Fire Training Facility
Spring 2010
Instructors: May, Kochanowski, Sherman
In its untended state, Malibu Creek achieves a near pastoral quality. This uncanny power to retain a high degree of serenity, despite being surrounded by a major highway, tourist mecca beaches, municipal center and bustling shopping centers, becomes a point of focus for the project. Given this, I developed the site as a park with the intent to preserve and showcase its idyllic qualities. Specifically, I have tried to create a promenade throughout the site that takes visitors from the most public parts of the program to increasingly more private ones. I have broken up the buildings and recollected them, in part to provide a more campus-like feel and, also, demarcate lines of privacy through the site. In placing the buildings, I took particular care to preserve the view shed of the site. Hence, most of the buildings are sited away from the creek, to ensure uninterrupted sight lines across the site and creek.

Roof plan including context  

Axonometric site plan Note the new sectional diversity

Render of amphitheater and auditorium

Render of cafeteria and office  

Section through auditorium   

Folding diagram for roof structure