Remix City
Instructor: Neil Denari
Group Project with Daniel Hesketh

Dwell on Design Conference - June 2012

2D3D-4: Quick and Dirty - WUHO Gallery, May 2013

Remix City argues for an urban fabric formed through the collision of speciated systems. We assert the repetition and extrusion that defines Westwood’s prevailing condition neglects opportunities to form cities with greater variation and granularity.

To overcome this, we first investigated parametric systems. However, we found the seamlessness of the gradients that emerged presented a sort of monotony that was too close to the problem we were trying to solve. We then moved onto highly randomized systems. While these yielded the genuinely diverse array of conditions we sought, they compromised too much of the precise control needed given the scale of the site and program. What we really sought was the best of both worlds: the opportunities latent in irregular, randomized systems, and the reliable control a regular system permits. Therefore, we formulated a continuous environment that explores how systems of irregularity can be reconciled into the regular.