Bent Space
Fall 2009
Instructors: Payne, Predock, May
In developing this project, I sought to build on the seminal work of Verner Panton. In his 1970 exhibition Visionia II, he assembled a lounge-scape that provoked new sensibilities about color, form and leisure. In this project, I aimed to adapt some of those principles to a, presumably, more conventional setting. However, the basic concept is now modified in space and time. What was originally confined to a single corridor is now extended to multiple conditions. Additionally, the adherence to extruded forms is abandoned in favor of a more contemporary grammar of curves. Lastly, while the original installation was fabricated in soft materials and only intended for a short period of use, the current proposal is constructed from overtly dense materials and is intended to have a long lasting, heavy presence.


Programtic Diagram